Brahm Daniel Verano biography

Brahm Daniel Verano is a journalist, publisher, and creative director. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of androidist, a technology-oriented news and media platform based in the Philippines. He established androidist as a platform for technology journalism back in 2019 covering the latest news and updates happening in the tech industry, particularly on consumer tech and Android. The name androidist is derived from the word 'Android', the world's most popular operating system, and 'Enthusiast', which means a person who is interested in a particular activity or subject.

As his interest grew in media, androidist was followed by his subsequent media launches. Although not official at the time, he founded Anime Invasion and RGB Hideout, both of which aimed to cover anime and gaming topics respectively. The two editorial platforms were silent at the time but were made official a year later, in 2023, after the launch of Modern Dot Media. Modern Dot Media is a start-up multimedia network composed of technology and entertainment brands that aims to bring captivating stories to its readers. It is a joint venture with AniToons+ founder Yel Bejoc, adding the latter to the company's portfolio. His most recent media venture, Apple Stash, was founded in 2023 covering the Apple landscape.

Brahm currently writes for androidist and AniToons+ covering news in technology and entertainment with a total of 370+ stories to date. He also produces and manages the creative department for his media ventures, including Apple Stash, RGB Hideout, and Anime Invasion. Outside of androidist and AniToons+, his name has also appeared on technology news website EveryTechEver.


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